Floating Buildings, Floating Neighborhoods And Associated Surface Water Filtration Systems

There are vast, untapped Sovereign Land Development possibilities in Florida. They should be developed for the ecological benefit of all Floridians. Some locations have very special attributes that will allow development. The goal of creating Floating Buildings are as follows:

  • Develop specific Sovereign Submerged Lands and produce revenue that can be used to improve water quality
  • Water quality improvement is fully funded by the development
  • Developments must be capable of “Leaving without a trace” (e.g. have minimum or no permanent impact or infrastructure.)

Pros of Floating Neighborhoods

  • Greatly improves water quality of a major river water course for hundreds of miles.
  • Costs taxpayers nothing.
  • Provides 2,000 highly sustainable water front home sites.
  • Completely removable. “Leaves without a trace.”
  • Improves economical performance.

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