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  • Osaka Airport was build on a landfilled island in Osaka Bay. Decomposed Granit was mined on Awaji Island and loaded onto transport vessels from the airports land filled island. The loading station at Awaji was composed of 3 man made islands and after the Airport island was complete, theses islands were to be developed as a the worlds largest Marine life Park.. The worlds larges Shark Aquarium featured a 4 million gallon main tank with 12 4 meter sharks and 2 Whale Sharks.

  • Universal Studios Florida has 4 feature Hotels. The 3rd built was the Royal Pacific Resort. The convention building is over 3 acres under roof. This highly complex building featured a regional kitchen supplying 8 restaurants with prepared food later assembled and served. While the exterior of the building was painstakingly themed, almost none of the building is viewable due to the dense plantings at the site.

  • This patented Relocatable restaurant was designed to be capable of erection on any site in 4-8 hours. This building system was painstakingly designed to meet all codes and standards of a permanent building and capable of nearly any cuisine. ISO shipping containers are extensively modified so that they fit together structurally and are covered with various roof type, shown here with an Air Supported Roof. See the presentation. Take the tour on page 6 with the sound on.

  • The Administration Parking Garage was built for Orange County, The City of Orlando and the 1st Presbyterian Church. Is covers the city block ant Rosalind and South Streets and is across the street from the cities new Dr. Phillips Preforming Arts Center. This building has 2 office spaces,. 1st Floor West is the License Tag Office the 1st Floor east it a City Landscaping Maintenance Office. The structure is 6 levels with a double circuit helix ramp. Post-tensioned concrete slabs allow level floor plates. Featured on the building’s exterior stairs and 1st floor openings are Water Jet Cut 5052 Aluminum art metal pieces. Ornamental metal is a specialty of My Jensen and he is credited with introducing this concept in architecture in the South East. United States. It is a focus of the firm to integrate art into its architectural designs.

  • The National Museum of Natural History is a Neo-Classical building on the Mall in our nation’s capitol. The Rotunda has featured a wooly Mastodon since the 1950’s and this exhibit while loved, was in very poor condition even in the 1980’s. This concept study was executed as a potential replacement of the old beast. The Rainforest exhibit was designed to modernize the statement made at the entry Rotunda to depict a more relevant statement about the Natural History challenges in the modern world. The base of the structure is comprised of a heavy poured glass matrix with a thin layer of organic soil cover. This simulates the very thin organic soil layer in many of the world’s rainforests. Laser cut Stainless Steel ribs capture glass shingles captured at the sides. The rotunda has a eclectic mix of classical architectural styles that become more complex as the structure rises roughly 80’ to the dome. Five pairs of Composite Order Columns support an Ovoid ring that serves to support the finely crafted structural frame of the conservatory. Mechanical elements are concealed in the dome roof. Water jet cut leaves from prehistoric plants adorn the colored glass structure.

  • Interior design and buildout of kitchen and dining room area.

    This trendy restaurant features a custom Chandelier constructed from Recycles aircraft aluminum tubing and Chain Glass. Emeril Lagasse and several other critics rave about the cuisine. Mr. Jensen designed, built and co owns Pharmacy. View one of the Pharmacy Food Channel shows.

  • The Postal Credit Union started out as a rebranding project where the client wanted to cover the existing building with EIFS system. I couldn’t be a part of the destruction of a near pristine 1920’s brick and marble exterior so I proposed using Ornamental metal and work with the stylistically weak Art Deco Bank. I chose to trend it towards the “Googlie” sub style, which utilizes fanciful elements of culture for design direction. It’ was months after 911 and I wanted to illustrate that the country was bending in the wake of the attack with the curved flag pole meant to be looking like it was bending in the wind.

  • IMAX Systems corporation commissioned this Relocatable 320 Seat IMAX Theater with the intent to mount a traveling show place featuring the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Tour, which was filmed in IMAX format. AN IMAX theater has an amazing 6 channel sound system powered by over 25,000 watts of sound power. A 4,000 pound sub woofer has it’s own 3,500 Watt Slave Amplifier. This required a very demanding STC 35 building envelope to both keep program material from being emitted to the patrons in Queue, and keep external noise from detracting from the IMAX experience. I very innovative telescoping structural system was developed to meet rapid erection time.

  • This was the first attempt for this confidential client to get into the mature adult entertainment. This work shows various concepts developed for the client. Mr. Jensen worked on site as an architect for the Design Builder solving problems and resolving conflicts.

  • This is an attempt to design an articulated chair without the look of the Lazy Boy. The seat and back are articulated via an aircraft cable that runs through the frame. Built by Mr. Jensen in the Philippine Islands.

  • This glass top end table has a chrome plated frame made from reinforcing steel as it would exist it a concrete column. The glass perimeter represents the concrete perimeter. Built by Mr. Jensen in the Philippine Islands.